My name is Stuart Murray and I am a swashbuckling adventurer of human resources data. Wading through a sea of numbers is, to me, like embarking on a voyage. I’m in this for the thrill of exploration and helping people find new things.

My motive is to build an audience (that’s you), blog towards a book, and pursue paid speaking engagements.  I am not selling software, I am not seeking consulting contracts, and I am not jockeying for a higher-ranking salaried job.

I am a human resources specialist at a major research university in Vancouver, BC.  I have been working in quantitative human resources and economic research since 1995. I have ten years of experience in the compensation field, seven years in policy analysis, and four years in workforce analytics. I have worked in consulting, in the labour movement, and in the private and public sectors.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in economics from UBC and a Master of Industrial Relations from Queen’s University.

Enjoy the content, and consider hiring me to speak.